Alsike kloster and the Sisters of the Holy Spirit
– a short presentation of our life and work

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In our presentation we started with the question if monasteries can look like an ordinary house – in peoples minds there exists quite a romantic idea of how they should be – and we gave some information about how very different they can be!

After that we start with a general Introduction to the idea of community life, founded as it is in the love of the Triune God – Three Persons in One God – and in the self-giving and generosity of the Trinity in creation and in salvation, which leads up to the conclusion, that created in the image and likeness of God we are created to live in community with other human beings with the fundamental call to turn society into the Kingdom of God with the help of the Holy Spirit.

After each section you can click on the cat's head and get deeper information or comments as a kind of footnotes.

Then there comes an index page containing the different items: Our monastic life, Our chapel, Common question on living in a convent, Our refugee work, On fellow workers, A short guide to a Christian life, News, Our addresses..

If you choose Our monastic life there follows an exposé with footnotes of our Way of life: in community of goods – giving all we are and have to the common use of the monastic family, in purity of mind and heart (with footnotes on virginity and celibacy), and in obedience to the will of God, manifested in the Word of God, in our Rule of Life and in our response through the monastic vows