Alsike kloster and the Sisters of the Holy Spirit
 a short presentation of our life and work

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This section ends with the question why we call ourselves Sisters of the Holy Spirit.
The answer is very simple: without the Holy Spirit there would be no Christians, no Christian Church, no monastic communities… To assent to this fact as a personal call is
at the bottom of the foundation of our monastic family.
A foot note explains the different stages of becoming a sister under life vows.

Lastly - If you click on Our chapel you will find a short summary of living the way of salvation by means of the liturgical year from Advent and Christmas to the last Sunday of Trinity tide which in the Swedish tradition is called Doomsunday and celebrates the second coming of Our Lord.

The rest of Index is probably of no interest to you.

Under NEWS below you will find the Letter we send to our friends for Christmas and sometimes at Pentecost.

Our address is: Alsike kloster, SE-741 92 Knivsta, Sweden
our telephone: (00)46-(0)18-383002
and our mail address:

Welcome to visit us when you are in Sweden!